Leadership Development

Supports people to make a shift of consciousness and of actions for them to achieve their purpose as leaders and human-beings. By evoking the uniqueness and strength to use it for effective leadership through dialog, questions, and exercises.

  • -Clarifying purpose/vision bigger than one’s ego
  • Becoming aware of precious strength/gifts, unintended behavior/thinking patterns and limiting beliefs (fear and desires etc.)
  • Support them by manifesting what they want to achieve and how they want to be then taking action to move forward.
  • Support communication and alignment with others.

For whom the services are

Leaders/Executives of companies, Non-Profits.

For those who need to lead a team and an organization in a ever changing circumstances in all aspects of business and life. Support them to have new perspectives, courage to focus and move forward for what really matters, new level of communication, creating results using their own strength.

Leaders who’s shifted to a new position

When your position changed, e.g. promotion, organizational change etc. Bring out one’s strength for effective leadership at a new stage.

Next generation leaders / Leader-candidates

Development of those who are expected to lead the organization and community.


  • Getting awareness of strength and also of resources, which are used unskillfully or limiting factors, so that they can be used for more important purposes.
  • Interdependency and supportive relationship to bring out the team’s potential more fully.
    Action planning for the bigger purposes by using resources from “Inside-out” motivation.
  • Action planning for the bigger purposes by using resources from “Inside-out” motivation.


In-person group training

(In-person group training followed by System Coaching ® and/or executive coaching is highly recommended)

Executive coaching

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Team & Partnership Development

Supporting teams and partners to bring out their potential and make alignments for shared purposes.
Through education, exercise and dialogs, we support
Dialog with authenticity
Team alignment toward a purpose

  • Creating culture/atmosphere that the team desires.
  • Understanding different positions and optimize potential from diversity.
  • Etc..

Process (example)

  • Interview or/and assessment from team members
    System coaching ® (dialog, exercise and education) to enhance awareness then taking action to move forward.

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Personal (individual and relationship)

  • One on one coaching
  • Couple, partnership, family, team coaching
    UNI-CO also offers personal development, personal relationship support

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Nao Inoue
Founder, owner.

Coaching Specialties : Transformative change in Leadership, Relationship and team
Facilitation Specialties : Teams, Partnership in Organization and Non-profit
Location (where you live and work primarily) : Japan (Tokyo)
Coaching and Facilitation languages : Mainly Japanese, Secondary English (Advanced level)


Nao is a professional certified executive coach with over twelve years experience coaching current and aspiring leaders, mainly in Japan.
Her passion is unleashing the limitless possibilities of individual and team effectiveness through personal insight and cross-cultural development. Her focus is on addressing both personal and systemic leadership transformation which consequently brings better performance and outcomes.
Nao has worked in client engagements to include global companies, Japanese companies, NPOs etc.
As an executive coach, Nao supports clients to have wider viewpoints and to be willing to make changes with confidence. She works with leaders and high-potential executives on honing their leadership style, calling forth their authentic self and integrity, to improve their communication skills and to increase their emotional, social and relationship & system intelligence.
She has extensive experience as a conference speaker, in various countries including ICF annual conference breakout, in areas of leadership and executive development.
She has sixteen years experience in Unilever Japan as a Brand manager and Consumer Insight Manager. She is a TLC Certification facilitator, the Chief Learning Officer for The Leadership Circle Japan, and currently serves as an executive coach / System coach, too. She also serves on the faculty of Center for Right Relationships Japan (CRR Japan).

Skills and Accreditations
International Coach Federation Professional Certified Coach
Certified Professional Co-active Coach from CTI
ORSCC (Certified Organization Relationship and Systems Coach) certification
Certification with The Leadership Circle Profile.
Team Coaching International certified Team Diagnostic Assessment Practitioner
a Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree from the University of Tokyo.

Key Clients

Global pharma, Global automobile, Global Chemistry, Global trading company, NGOs, NPOs, International non-profit institutes etc.